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Virtual Technology Review

Virtual technology review allows users to interact and view a digitally reproduced object or environment that is a recreation of the real-world. This type of technology is utilized in a variety of fields, including engineering, education and medicine.

There are two main kinds of VR: semi-immersive and fully immersive. Semi-immersive virtual reality can be accessed via a headset. It offers the user with a 3D experience however, it does not require physical movements as fully immersive. Examples of this type of VR include flight simulators for pilots and combat simulations used by military personnel.

Fully immersive VR removes the user from their real-world surroundings and is accessible with a bodysuit and a headset or gloves. This type of VR is usually used for training and prototyping. It is used extensively in industries like aerospace, military, gaming and medical.

VR is also utilized in the medical field and for public health. Medical experts can, for instance practice with a virtual patient prior to taking a real-life procedure. This reduces the chance of errors and improves patient outcomes. VR can also be used to teach therapists new ways of treating patients.

Another major use of VR is to facilitate collaboration and communication. VR can be used to facilitate videoconferencing that is as effective as being in the same room. VR can also be used for AR, also known as augmented reality (AR), which gives information to the user’s field of vision like directions or pictures.

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