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Online Board Meetings Benefits

Online Board Meetings Benefits

Many companies are adjusting to working from home as a permanent option following the pandemic, teleconferences have become more common than ever. Meetings via teleconferencing are efficient but there are a few challenges to be weighed.

A lower level of engagement: Going remote can be a bit daunting for those who aren’t used to using the internet for communication, leading to decreased participation in the meeting. This can hinder board progress and derail the company’s agenda.

It can be difficult to read the body language and facial expressions in a virtual conversation and can lead to misunderstandings. Inattention to eye contact can cause directors to feel less comfortable and passive listeners. This is not a good thing for the boardroom.

The board portal can aid in addressing these issues. A board management tool with a secure video conferencing feature for instance, makes it easy to record and store important documents. Directors can access documents and minutes from any device at any time.

It is also sample financial report an excellent idea to make sure the meeting environment is clean and free of distractions. For instance the meeting shouldn’t take place during meal times and all attendees should mute their phones when not talking to reduce background noise. The chair should be able to monitor everyone in attendance and encourage them to only use their microphones when needed.

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